i ate all the rivers

fun fact: blonde boys are the devil

April 17 2014


digital space artwork i made in school in an attempt to prove that i know shit about new media.

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a monster described to me by a four year old. it eats trees. its afraid of music. it carries a bag of bad carrots and steals human feet. it can hear without ears. it wears light up shoes and is always mad because one of them doesn’t work

Hypothetical - if the other one DID work, what colour would it be

timetoggle SENT: Draw Danny devito as a kitty


How to love me. Tap through the whole story on Tapestry

April 17 2014


he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about

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April 16 2014


Age of Adolescence (Lincoln Park), 1960, Chicago. Joseph Sterling

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