i ate all the rivers

I have an eight page research paper due monday and I haven’t started yet :^) 


I’m having a GIVEAWAY! Spring clean your rooms and decorate them with new artwork, and cool stickers. :) I’m giving away 2 packages! so I’ll be selecting two winners.

Package #1: Set of 3 5x7 postcards, 3 stickers, and a 1 inch button.

Package #2: Set of 2 5x7 postcards, 6 stickers, and 1 inch button.

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April 23 2014

cole sprouse looks like a member of hanson in his twitter picture


for my modern art class our teacher wanted us to do a collage of just stuff we liked or whatever and these are just some parts of mine and i really like them/the whole thing that i’ve done i’ll post a picture of the whole thing when i’m finished i guess ????

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April 23 2014
Take On Me
woahwoah isaac brock??????

his been arrested for attempted murder and then there’s the whole rape allegation thing. i haven’t really looked into either of them but yeah 

when artist i like turn out to be bad human beings it’s super disappointing

tuffbluff said: I wanna hang out with u move to Chicago pls

oh man that’d be rad as hell 


cool it comes with a free refill 

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April 23 2014


Something I’m working on.

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pretty into these seats 

Diamond Mine

me by a fourth grader

Petition to get that bullshit sun out of the sky